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ETHER JELLYZ ............

An evolution has taken place in the Hyper Jellyz' universe. A deviation from the current paradigm, a shift in reality. It's in the Hyper Jellyz' nature to evolve at rapid rates and this is just another iteration of that fact. As the ongoing Hyper Jelly mint nourishes, builds, and bonds our community, it has brought forth a blessing, a dimensional upgrade... an evolution of the Jelly. Ether Jellyz is a collection reserved for the worthy. A scarcer, more detailed, fine tuned ensemble acting as a testament to the artistic process of trial and error and growth. The vision is becoming crystalized. More TBA.



The Evolution of Art

Ether Jellyz is a true testament to the artistic process of trial and error and growth. The pieces in this collection are the result of careful consideration of various elements, including the use of fine, clean lines, a consistent base color palette of 12 colors, and a focus on balance and creativity. By following a strict set of rules, a unique and cohesive body of work has been created. This collection maintains consistency in color theory and style in effort to create a timeless and most importantly, fun appeal.

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Icky Sticky Membranes

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Each Membrane varies in transparency to create a unique and visually striking effect. But what truly sets the Ether Jellyz apart from your typical creature is the presence of a brain or collectible that each one holds dear. Some might even say that the method used to create these Ether Jellyz was akin to that of Frankenstein. However, despite their unconventional origins, the Ether Jellyz have become beloved and sought-after creatures. Their combination of scientific and magical elements makes each Ether Jelly truly one-of-a-kind.

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Attributes & Supply

Each Ether Jelly contains 1 backdrop and 6 attributes. These include a Brain, Tentacles, Membrane, Mouth, Eyes and Topper. This collection will contain a much smaller max supply. The final number has not been set in stone but it will exist anywhere between 1000 and 2500 total tokens.

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Wen Mint?

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While the collection is nearly complete, the mint date has yet to be set. We're currently working on a way to incorporate the Hyper Jellyz as a claim token for the Ether Jellyz. Holding your Hyper Jelly will be beneficial for access to this mint. More to come on this.


Each Ether Jelly will be a free claim for Hyper Jelly holders

We will be launching the Ether Jellyz on the Chia blockchain. Chia allows for safe peer 2 peer trading in your personal wallet and offers on chain royalty solutions for creators that are not reliant on marketplaces to enforce. You can download your chia wallet here

You will be directed to a wallet connect site which will verify your Hyper Jelly holdings and deliver you a "claim ticket" NFT. This claim ticket will be used to receive your Ether Jelly (V2) at no charge.


*NOTE FOR SECURITY REASONS: While similar, this is not the final claim ticket design NFT for the Ether Jellyz.


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